Immigration Defense & Criminal Defense

Forms of Relief

If detained: 

42A Cancellation of Deportation (LPR),

42B Cancellation of Deportation (NON-LPR), I-589 Asylum, I-485 Adjustment of Status.

If not detained: 

Adjustment of Status, Naturalization, Work Visas, Fiancé Visas, and more.

Custody Redetermination

At a Bond Hearing, the Immigration Court will look to whether the detainee is a danger to the community and whether there is a risk of flight once released. 

In most instances, the detainee will only get one bond hearing! Make sure your loved one is represented.

Court Hearings

Master Calendar hearings are preliminary hearings that set the course for the trial where the relief application will be adjudicated. 

Individual Calendar hearings are the hearings scheduled for the trial. This is where we present your case and the Judge renders a decision.


Our office also handles appeals sent to the Board of Immigration Appeals. When someone gets an adverse decision, appeals are options of last resort. Please contact us to discuss this option. 

Municipal Court Cases

Charged with a petty traffic offense? Reckless driving, Exhibition of speed, DUI's, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, and many more. Our office handles these cases and can fully explain your options. Call us today!

Supreme Court Cases

Charged with a serious offense? Drug Trafficking, Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Dangerous Narcotics, and/or others. Our office will give you realistic possibilities in defending your case. Call us today!